• Everyone who has struggled to secure Hadoop deserves to be recognised, their sacrifice acknowledged.
  • Everyone who has got their application to work within a secure Hadoop cluster will have suffered without any appreciation; without anyone appreciating their effort. Indeed, all that they are likely to have received is complaints about how their software is late.

However, our best praise, our greatest appreciation, has to go to everyone who added logging statements in the Hadoop codepath.

Some of the content in this document was copied from a 2013 presentation by Kevin Minder.

Contributors to this Document

It is through the work of these brave people that we shall prevail!

We shall honour their memories, and mourn their messy and painful departures from the world of the sane, cherishing the github PRs they left as their glimpsed the underpinnings of the world, and so condemned themselvers forever for a world of Kerberos support calls.

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